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Bergen, Norway, February 14, 2019

From today we are Fonn Group

Mediability Holding AS has been renamed to Fonn Group AS. To read about our investments see

The Fonn Group corporate team is actively involved in all Group companies, on a day-to-day basis, for financial services, HR, marketing and creative, business development, and more.

Fonn Group CEO is Håvard Saunes Myklebust. Myklebust is actively involved in all Group companies and serves as Executive Chairman in Mediability, Mjoll and 7Mountains.

Anja Myntevik Lutentun is the Group Chief Financial Officer.

Ingrid Agasøster is the Group Chief Operating Officer and handles all marketing for both Mediability and Mjoll. She is also marketing advisor for 7Mountains.

Kristian Krbacevic is Head of Design in Fonn Group and manages all creative, including UX design for both Mediability and Mjoll. Kristian works close with the Group COO in the day-to-day marketing operations of the companies.

Read more about Fonn Group here.