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Press release Bergen, Norway, January 1, 2019

Fonn Group launches software startup company Mjoll with headquarters in Media City Bergen.

Mjoll launches as a software company, working in close collaboration with and with core resources from sister company Mediability. See the Mjoll team here.

Each of the Mjoll team members have over 15-20 years of experience working in the media technology industry, both on the vendor side and in key roles at public and commercial broadcasters and media houses.

The Mjoll team will be supported with corporate functions as Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operational Officer, for marketing, UX design, and more from the Fonn Group team.

Mjoll delivers cloud based production tools to broadcast media and production companies, amongst other. Mjoll entered the market with the production asset management system Mimir early this year; filling a gap in video management workflow tools. Mimir is in production at several sites already.

Learn more about Mimir here

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Fonn Group:
Håvard Saunes Myklebust, CEO, Fonn Group
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Ingrid Agasøster, COO, Fonn Group
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