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Fonn Group invests in companies delivering production and journalistic tools for the media and entertainment industry.

The Group takes an active role in the company's day-to-day operations. Fonn Group offers corporate and administrative functions as shared resources across the Group companies.

Fonn Group is headquartered in Media City Bergen, Norway. Fonn Group Americas launched in February 2020 to bring Mimir and Dina newsroom and video workflow solutions to North and South America regions. Fonn Group also has a presence in the APAC region.

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Fonn Group team

fonn-haavard-2 (1)

Haavard Myklebust

Chief Executive Officer,
Fonn Group 

Myklebust is an experienced media professional with an editorial and technology background. He has held positions as CTO of TV 2 Norway and EVP Products and Marketing at Vizrt. Myklebust holds numerous board positions and is among others chairman at NCE Media. He holds a Master of Arts degree from the University of Bergen. Myklebust is actively involved in the Fonn Group companies and serves as Executive Chairman in Mediability, Mimir and Dina. See LinkedIn profile here

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fonn-anja (1)

Anja Myntevik Lutentun

Chief Financial Officer,
Fonn Group

Lutentun comes from a background in EY (Ernst & Young) and from media and technology, as Controller in TV 2 Norway and board member in subsidiaries within the TV 2 Group. She holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration and an MSc in Accounting and Auditing, both from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). She is also a State Authorised Public Accountant. Lutentun is Chief Financial Officer for all Fonn Group daughter companies. See LinkedIn profile here.

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Eduardo Mancz

Chief Executive Officer,
Fonn Group Americas

Eduardo Mancz, the CEO of Fonn Group Americas, boasts a distinguished career spanning 15 years at Vizrt. Notably, he excelled in pivotal roles such as Senior Vice President of Sales and General Manager, orchestrating remarkable growth and driving business transformation in the Americas region under his leadership. His seasoned background in management and sales encompasses diverse industries, including 20 years of experience in the Media & Entertainment industry. See LinkedIn profile here

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Michael Schüller

Managing Director, Fonn Group Germany

Michael Schüller is Managing Director of Fonn Group Germany and primarily responsible for the German-speaking market for the Fonn Group. As the former founder and CEO of ANNOVA Systems and Qbics media, he has extensive experience in management, as well as in sales and marketing for Newsroom products and professional services. For almost 20 years in the media industry, he has maintained excellent contacts with renowned international customers and technology partners. See LinkedIn profile here

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fonn-isaac (1)

Isaac Hersly

Executive Vice President,
Fonn Group Americas

Hersly is a pioneer in the US media and broadcast markets. His background includes serving as President and COO at Chyron, being instrumental in building the company from the ground up to become a leader in the US broadcast software industry. He also founded the successful operations for world-leading broadcast technology company Vizrt in the Americas. In addition, he spent many years on the customer side of the broadcast industry, as Vice President of the ABC Owned TV stations. See LinkedIn profile here

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Knut Andersen

Chief Commercial Officer,
Fonn Group

Andersen has a background from TV production and software technology within the media and broadcast industry. He started his early career as a producer and technical manager for local TV before spending several years directing live shows for news and sports at TV 2 Norway. In early days of Mosart studio automation, Andersen headed up sales which led him to several management positions at Vizrt. Andersen is one of the co-inventors of Dina. See LinkedIn profile here.

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Per Aadland

Commercial Operating Officer, Fonn Group

Per comes from a background in broadcast media and consultancy. He has held key roles in TV 2 Norway in his 13 year engagement with the commercial broadcaster, as Chief Technology Officer, Head of Procurement, Business Developer, Controller and other roles. In Fonn Group, he leads the bid management processes for all group companies. See LinkedIn profile here

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Vegard Elgesem

Managing Director, Fonn Group APAC

Elgesem started his career as a radio and television broadcast engineer, before he joined Vizrt. Over a period of 8 years he served Vizrt as product expert and project manager for their Automation products, located in Bangkok. He was promoted to VP of Cross Sales APAC, and eventually Product Manager of Vizrt’s Switchers and Automation. See LinkedIn profile here.

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Mauricio Romero

VP Sales Operations, Fonn Group

Mauricio has a background in international marketing and sales. During his career, he has worked in different industries such as higher education and technology, focusing on sales pipeline development and marketing automation. Mauricio holds a master’s degree from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and an MBA from EGADE Business School. See LinkedIn profile here.

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The Fonn Group companies



Mediability is the largest professional equipment reseller and systems integrator in the Nordic's and represent a wide range of high profile brands. Mediability has a strong market position in broadcast media. Customers range from - TV and media houses - Production companies - Public and Corporate sector - Schools and universities Read more at www.mediability.com



Mimir Media Tech AS is a software company delivering cloud-based production tools. The company was founded early 2019 in Bergen, Norway. Mimir's main market is within broadcast media and production companies. With Mimir's smart solutions for video workflows they target anyone working with video. Mimir entered the market with its production asset management system in early 2019; filling a gap in video management workflow tools. Mimir is in production at several sites already. Read more at onemimir.com



Dina Media Tech AS is a software company and the inventor of Dina, a cloud news and cloud newsroom & storytelling tool for journalists. Dina is built from the ground up using modern cloud based-technology and with the end user in mind. Dina launched in 2019 and for the US and wider worldwide market in early 2020. Read more at onedina.com



Kunnusta AS specialise in project management and bespoke software integrations for larger workflow projects. We have product experts for our sister companies Mimir and Dina and for any integrated workflows (Adobe, Avid, Vizrt, Grass Valley, and more). Read more at www.kunnusta.no

The Fonn Group history

In 2016, three of Scandinavia’s top providers of media-production solutions, Scandinavian AVIT Systems, Video 4, and Mediateket, merged into one unified group as Mediability.

Mediability became the largest professional equipment reseller and systems integrator in Scandinavia under the ownership of Mediability Holding AS. The holding company was renamed to Fonn Group in early 2019.

Today, Fonn Group is the mother company of Mediability, with 25-30 years of history and reference in the professional equipment market, in addition to the software startup companies Mimir and Dina and workflow experts Kunnusta.

The majority owner of Fonn Group is Rieber & Søn, a family-owned Norwegian investment company with an industrial legacy dating back to 1839. Rieber & Søn serves as an active partner for its portfolio of companies.

Board of Directors

fonn-trond (1)

Trond Valvik

Director of the Board

Trond Valvik represents the majority owner of Fonn Group, Rieber & Søn, where he is head of the business area Direct Investments. Valvik has wide experience from investments and restructuring processes in several sectors, hereunder IT and software. He is former acting Group CEO in Software Innovation and partner in the private equity company Borea Opportunity. He holds numerous board positions within various industries.


Fritz Rieber

Member of the Board

Fritz Rieber represents the majority owner of Fonn Group, Rieber & Søn, where he is the managing director. He is a former partner in Borea, with experience in bank and finance. Rieber has initiated multiple company start-ups and holds a position as a board member and board director in several listed and non-listed companies. 

fonn-espen (1)

Espen Ranvik

Member of the Board

Fonn Group AS - Company and Contact information

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The Fonn Group team is located in Media City Bergen, Norway at the headquarters office of Mediability, Mimir, Dina, Kunnusta, and everviz. We also have offices in New York, Singapore, and Munich. 

Fonn Group AS
Media City Bergen
Lars Hilles gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway

VAT: 916 913 370

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Fonn Group Americas
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Fonn Group partners 

Stem Media

Oceanic reseller and technology partner for Mimir and Dina. Go to the Stem Media website here for contact information. 


Nordic reseller and technology partner for Mimir and Dina. Go to the Mediability website for contact information. 


US & Canada reseller for Mimir and Dina. Go to the Cinesys.io website for contact information. 


UK & Ireland reseller for Mimir and Dina. Go to the Nexilis website for contact information. 


Argentina reseller for Mimir and Dina. Go to the Around website for contact information. 

CIS Group

US & Brazil reseller for Mimir and Dina. Go to the CIS Group website for contact information. 


Adria region reseller for Mimir and Dina. Go to the Videoclick for contact information. 


US and Middle East reseller for Mimir and Dina. Go to the Diversified website for contact information.