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Fonn Group companies Mjoll and 7Mountains in London Nov 17-18 at the DPP Leaders' Briefing

Meet VP of Sales in Mjoll, Kristian Kim Eikeland and VP of Sales in 7Mountains, Robert Strand at the DPP Leaders' Briefing event in London. 

The DPP's 6th annual Leaders' Briefing is a conference and networking event bringing together the supplier and content provider community. It will take place in person at etc Venues, 155 Bishopsgate, London. Read more about the event and see speakers and agenda at the DPP web page here

It's time to make the move to cloud

DiNA is a cloud newsroom and storytelling tool. It represents a new approach to storytelling across platforms and for planning, creating and publishing stories from anywhere.

Mimir is a native cloud production asset management and AI tool. It is tightly integrated with DiNA for a powerful journalist and storytelling workflow and with Adobe Premiere Pro and Avid tools for advanced editing workflows.

What is different about Mimir and DiNA?

It is native cloud, smart, fun and super easy to use for all, it can be accessed from anywhere, requires no installation, and allows editorial and editing teams to automate tasks with using AI, amongst other great features.

Book your demo of DiNA and Mimir for November 17-18:

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