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blinx chose Dina and Mimir for their digital storytelling

Bergen, Norway, March 9, 2023: Today, Fonn Group is announcing a new greenfield project in the Middle East, blinx, with Mimir and Dina at the centre of their storytelling and production workflows.

blinx was announced this week as the first digital native storytelling hub in the Middle East and North Africa. Nakhle Elhage, blinx GM, says:

"By being innovative and breaking the mold of traditional infotainment, blinx will harness the collective power of resources, tech, and expertise so that storytelling feels fresh, exciting, and relevant to today's Youth". See the press release on their website here.

Image of the blinx studio, courtesy of blinx: 


Building a greenfield news operation

blinx has built a news operation from the ground up, focusing on high-quality content and cost-effective and modern infrastructure. The technology used is cloud-based and uses AI for improved efficiency. 

The story-centric newsroom tool, Dina, and video collaboration and cloud production tool, Mimir, are at the heart of their news- and editorial workflows. The Norwegian company, Kunnusta, has done the project management, systems architectural planning and the implementation of the integrated cloud newsroom and media production workflows. 

Fadi Radi, blinx CCO, says:

"blinx will incorporate the most advanced technology of the future to create the best possible experience where Dina and Mimir are at the centre of our storytelling workflows".

Going live soon

The technology setup of Dina and Mimir started in the fall of 2022. With choosing the right tools from the start, the project implementation speed for blinx has been fast and cost-effective. CEO of Kunnusta, Linn Veronica Bredesen, says: 

"blinx goes live with integrated newsroom and video production workflows built on modern web-based technologies that scale for their planned growth. Working closely with their innovative team to ensure the technology supports their vision has been a great privilege". 

About blinx

Headquartered in Dubai Media City, blinx is the first digital native storytelling hub targeting Gen Z and Millennials in the MENA region and beyond, aiming to elevate storytelling and offer new perspectives. Learn more about blinx on their website here

About Fonn Group

Fonn Group is a technology group from Norway. The group invests in companies delivering production and journalistic tools for the media and entertainment industry. The Fonn Group portfolio includes software companies Mjoll, 7Mountains, and Everviz, cloud workflows expert and integration partner Kunnusta, and Nordics professional equipment reseller and systems integrator, Mediability. Learn more about Fonn Group here.  

Press Contacts:

Haavard Myklebust, CEO Fonn Group, +4791845602
Ingrid Agasøster, Marketing Manager for Fonn Group and affiliates, +4799533791