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PRESS RELEASE June 12, 2020

TV 2/Fyn is live with their flagship news program from DiNA and Mimir

A Milestone for taking newsrooms to the cloud and for story-centric workflows.

TV stations world-wide have followed the development of a project at Danish TV 2/Fyn and their transition from a traditional newsroom solution to an all-cloud workflow and setup.

Yesterday at around 5 PM, TV 2/Fyn went live with their first news bulletin from DiNA, the cloud newsroom and story tool from 7Mountains and with cloud media management solution Mimir, by Mjoll.

From the announcement of the project in 2019, TV 2/Fyn’s Head of Innovation and Production, Michael Jensen, has generously shared insights of their planned big move towards cloud-only. In an interview at IBC 2019, Jensen said:

“Our philosophy at TV 2/Fyn has always been to put journalists and storytelling first, and technology second”

(read full article here.)


DiNA sits at the heart of the newsroom at TV 2/Fyn as the core tool for news planning, creation and publishing. Another central tool for the news production, is video and media platform Mimir, Together, the cloud solutions from 7Mountains and Mjoll power the entire news production.

Read the full announcement on the 7Mountains website here.

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