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Press release Bergen, Norway, 30.08.2016

Video 4 and Avit-Systems will be merged to create the basis for Mediability Norway, Mediability Sweden and Mediability Denmark. Mediateket changes its name to Mediateket Consulting and will remain as a separate unit within the group.

In April it was announced that Video4, AVIT-Systems and Mediateket would be gathered under joint ownership with Atlantis Vest as the new majority owner. For many years all three companies have delivered equipment, solutions and services to the Scandinavian media production market, but the desire to meet customer demand for a broader range of services and larger projects brought them together.

Video4 and AVIT-Systems will be merged in all countries, as Mediability Norway, Mediability Sweden and Mediability Denmark. Mediability will continue to focus on products, equipment and system delivery. Mediateket will remain a separate unit within the group, and changes its name to Mediateket Consulting. Mediateket Consulting will become a purebred independent consultancy company.

The name change is based on a desire to create a clear, common identity. Mediability consists of the two words “media” and “ability”, and refer to the group’s capabilities and knowledge within the media industry. Mediability AS will also be the new name of the parent company of the group, which today is called AV Invest I AS. There is no intention of operational activity in the group parent. Trond Valvik, Investment Director at Atlantis Vest, will be leading Mediability during a transition period.

“The choice of name signals a clear specialization of the group’s companies. While the companies carrying the Mediability name will focus on products, equipment and system delivery, Mediateket Consulting will become a purebred independent consultancy company,” says Valvik.

“A natural progression for Mediateket”
Mediateket’s current CEO, Gro Setereng, will also lead Mediateket Consulting as well as joining Mediability’s corporate management. Fellow founder Jørgen Scheel will carry on as Chief Technology Officer.

“This has been a completely natural progression for us as a company. In recent years we have increasingly moved towards becoming a consultancy company and service provider. We can now focus completely on this, while being part of a larger group allows us to offer a far wider range of services to new and existing customers,” says Gro Setereng.

The joint 2015 turnover for the Mediability group’s companies was just under 300 million Norwegian kroner (€32m), with 70 employees. Setereng believes this allows Mediateket Consulting to be an even better partner for customers looking for solid and stable service providers.

“A presence across Scandinavia”
Mediateket Consulting’s offices will stay in Sandvika outside of Oslo, while the sister company Mediability Norway will have offices and a presence in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Trondheim. Mediability Sweden will have offices in Stockholm, while Mediability Denmark will have offices in Copenhagen and Aalborg.


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