About Fonn Group

Fonn Group invests in companies delivering production and journalistic tools for the media and entertainment industry.

The Group takes an active role in the companies day-to-day operations. Fonn Group offers corporate and administrative functions as shared resources across the Group companies.

Fonn Group is headquartered in Media City Bergen, Norway. Fonn Group Americas launched in February 2020 to bring Mjoll and 7Mountains newsroom and video workflow solutions to North and South America.

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The Fonn Group team

The Fonn Group companies

The Fonn Group history

In 2016, three of Scandinavia’s top providers of media-production solutions, Scandinavian AVIT Systems, Video 4, and Mediateket, merged into one unified group as Mediability. Mediability became the largest professional equipment reseller and systems integrator in Scandinavia, under the ownership of Mediability Holding AS. The holding company was renamed to Fonn Group early 2019.

Today, Fonn Group is the mother company of Mediability, with its 25-30 years of history and reference in the professional equipment market, in addition to the software startup companies Mjoll and 7 Mountains.

The majority owner of Fonn Group is Rieber & Søn, a family-owned Norwegian investment company with an industrial legacy dating back to 1839. Rieber & Søn serves as an active partner for its portfolio of companies.

Board of Directors

Contact information

The Fonn Group team is located in Media City Bergen, Norway at the headquarter office of Mediability, Mjoll and 7 Mountains and in New York, USA.

Fonn Group AS
Media City Bergen
Lars Hilles gate 30
5008 Bergen, Norway

VAT: 916 913 370
Contact: company@fonngroup.com

Fonn Group Americas
New York
Contact: Isaac.hersly@fonngroup.com