Press release: Des 4, 2020 – Bergen, Norway:

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Fonn Group companies 7Mountains and Mjoll have been selected by Danish TV SYD to build its new story-centric and cloud based newsroom.

DiNA by 7Mountains will be the centrepiece in the TV SYD newsroom workflow, integrated with Mimir by Mjoll as the cloud based and AI-powered production asset management tool. Mimir integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro for the editing workflow at TV SYD. System integration, training and project management will be delivered by Mediability.

Gert Børgesen, Technical Manager and Project Lead at TV SYD said;

“TV SYD are facing the same challenge as many other media houses these days for managing multiple platforms. Working with the same story on multiple media platforms often results in important information, research, and media assets getting spread on to different systems. We lose history and the overview for what is published where.

With DiNA at the center of our newsroom and with the integrated workflow for media management in the cloud with Mimir, we move to a cloud newsroom that gives us a central publishing hub and that frees us from some on-premise infrastructure. Our journalists can work from anywhere with access to all the tools that they need to create news for multiple platforms”

Read the full press release on the 7Mountains website here.

Danish TV SYD to rebuild their newsroom workflows with DiNA and Mimir