April 16-19 2023

See us at the NAB Show 

We are back at the NAB Show in Las Vegas to demonstrate our solutions from the Fonn Group companies. Visit us in the North Hall, stand N1809

Meet the teams from Fonn Group with companies Mjoll, 7Mountains, Everviz, Mediability, and Kunnusta.  

Need a ticket for NAB? Feel free to use our VIP code for a FREE pass: LV2268. 



Book a demo of Mimir

Book a demonstration of Mimir, a video collaboration and production tool for professionals that runs in the cloud.

You can learn more about Mimir on the Mjoll webpage here

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Book a demo of Dina

Book a demonstration of Dina, a story-centric newsroom rundown and multi-platform publishing tool running in the browser, built on true cloud-native web technologies. 

You can learn about Dina on the 7Mountains webpage here

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Book a demo of Everviz

Book a demonstration by Everviz, the latest company addition to the Fonn Group family. 

Everviz offers data visualisation and engaging storytelling with charts. You can learn about their solution here. 

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Product news for the NAB Show

Mimir product news


Dina product news


Everviz product news


Collaboration and live production in the cloud with Mimir

Mimir will be demonstrated with its latest collaboration and live production features, its integration with cloud newsroom tool Dina, and the integrations with Adobe and Avid platforms for editors, amongst other features.

Mimir has production asset management, archive, asset management, and object-store features. Artificial intelligence-assisted automatic metadata logging combined with a powerful search tool reduces the time needed to find the required content for editing projects and from video archives. Learn more about Mimir on the Mjoll website here. 

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HubSpot Video
HubSpot Video

Story-centric newsroom with Dina

Dina is a rundown and multi-platform publishing tool built for the entire news operation. Dina is disrupting traditional broadcast newsroom systems, running in a browser with no need for software installation. From Dina, you can publish to any platform; linear TV, websites and social media, enabling the whole newsroom to collaborate within one single tool through a story-centric approach. Dina is a true cloud-native solution built on state of the art web-technologies, virtually eliminating the need for on-prem hardware.

Dina Rundown launched in 2022 as the perfect match for broadcasters ready to replace legacy NRCS’ and move to modern web-based workflows, Software-as-a-Service, and the cloud. Learn more about Dina and Dina Rundown on the 7Mountains website here

Some of what we will demonstrate at NAB:

  • The story-centric rundown and publishing tool running in a browser
  • Collaboration, planning, and multi-platform publishing workflows
  • Integration with Mimir
  • News feeds integrations
  • Dina Rundown
  • Dina Mobile

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Data visualization and charts

Everviz is a solution for sharing your data through attractive, interactive charts and maps. With Everviz, you make your message easier to understand and act upon. You can learn about Everviz on the website here. 

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HubSpot Video

Our NAB 2023 team

CEO, Fonn Group
Håvard Myklebust
CEO, Kunnusta
Linn Veronica Bredesen
CCO, Fonn Group
Knut Alfred Andersen
CEO of Fonn Group Americas
Isaac Hersly
Chief Product Officer, 7Mountains
Mads Grønbæk
VP of Sales, 7Mountains
Robert Strand
CTO, 7Mountains
Andreas T. Whiteley
Guest demo artist / Managing Director of Stem Media
Emily Dawson


VP of Sales, Mjoll
Kristian Kim Eikeland
CTO, Mjoll
Steinar Søreide
Fonn Group APAC
Vegard Elgesem
VP Product Marketing, 7Mountains 
Bård Espen Hansen
CEO, Everviz
Håvard Tveit


CEO, Mediability
Nils Olav Sundsteigen

Contact Nils Olav

CTO, Mediability
Ole Johan Skogheim


KAM, Mediability
Harald Halvorsen


Marketing Manager / NAB event coordinator
Ingrid Agasøster