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Journalists, storytellers and editors can finally work with news and production tools that are fun and easy to use.

No heavy installations, great user interfaces, super easy and efficient search, automatic updates, access from anywhere, and using AI. This is what cloud newsroom tool DiNA and cloud production asset management and AI tool Mimir is all about. 

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DiNA and Mimir testimonials

What our customers say 

"We want to allow our journalists to plan, investigate, collaborate and tell stories that matter and then deliver to all platforms with ease. By choosing DiNA, we knew that we’d end up with one tool that encompasses the planning, creation, and publishing of stories to linear TV, our digital platforms and to social media."

"Mediability will deliver one of the most modern newsroom systems in the world with DiNA, a tool that allows journalists to broadcast on several platforms at once while automating aspects of story production that normally require whole teams"

"When presented with the opportunity to build a newsroom from scratch we wanted to find intuitive, scalable platforms which would allow our journalists to focus on content, not systems”


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DiNA is changing newsrooms worldwide with it's groundbreaking approach to creative storytelling and collaboration. 

Gone are the days with journalists working in silos and with no sharing and collaboration. With DiNA you bring all your storytellers, across all platforms, together to plan, create, and publish news from one unified tool. 

DiNA is build from the ground up on modern web technologies, completely free of legacy newsroom (NRCS) code and old-fashioned workflows. With DiNA you subscribe to a powerful cloud newsroom tool that allows for: 

  • Access from anywhere
  • Plan, create and publish stories to all platforms
  • Receive updates and new features automatically 
  • No hardware /CAPEX investments required 

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Since its launch in early 2019, Mimir now has 30+ customers world-wide, that has moved their media management and media production workflows to the cloud and that uses AI as part of their everyday workflows for journalists and editors. 

Mimir is a native cloud PAM solution with features for : 

  • Advanced search 
  • Automatic metadata enrichment 
  • Integration to a wide range of AI technologies for automatic speech-to-text transcriptions, translations, objects and persons detection, and much more
  • Tight integration to cloud newsroom tool DiNA for journalists to find the media assets they need

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Mimir news for IBC

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LIVE support in Mimir

New and improved features for LIVE workflows, including support for growing files, SRT/RTPM/Zixi streaming directly to Mimir, and cloud ingest scheduling

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Automatic metadata enrichment with AI

New and improved integrations of Artificial Intelligence services for automatic metadata enrichment.

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Advanced PAM features

With 300+ new features added to Mimir since it's launch in 2019 it is now a complete cloud PAM solution.

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Improved workflow integrations

New and improved workflow with Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Nexis storage and Avid Media Composer.

These are some of the highlights for the IBC show. Book your demo meeting to see all new features. 

DiNA news for IBC

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Story centric workflows

DiNA is designed with a focus on the story, regardless of where stories will be published at the end. See the latest features for story centric workflows.

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Unify your storytellers

See the latest workflow features for planning, creating and publishing stories to rundowns, web, social media and more.

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Transition to cloud

With DiNA you choose a modern approach to storytelling with no legacy NRCS and with no need for any on-premise installations. See how you can allow for journalists to work from anywhere with DiNA.

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New customer projects

DiNA is live at OTT channels, 24/7 news channels and media houses. We would love to tell you about our latest projects.

We would love to show you a live demo of DiNA at the IBC show, with all the new features and with the integrated Mimir workflow. 


Learn more about DiNA and Mimir 

What does story-centric mean?

Traditional newsroom systems are built for creating stories for linear TV, where journalists works in a rundown view and build their news stories for a specific event or news show.

Today, a story needs to be shared across multiple platforms, and 7Mountains have built a tool that helps the journalist do that. With DiNA the creators have taken a step back to focus on the story creation, regardless of where the stories will be published in the end. 7Mountains have built a storytelling tool, that makes it easy to access news feeds, find related images and videos, collaborate with colleagues and publish on multiple platforms.

How is security handled in the cloud for Mimir?

Security and Compliance is a shared responsibility between AWS and Mjoll. AWS is responsible for security “of” the cloud and Mjoll is responsible for security “in” the cloud. For more details, see ​AWS Shared Responsibility Model.

Data managed by Mimir is always encrypted, both in transit and at rest. The communication between the cloud and users working from any location or on-premise is using HTTPS with 256-bit encryption which is considered unbreakable.

What AI technologies can we use in Mimir?

Mimir integrates with a wide range of AI technologies, such as AWS Rekonition, AWS Transcribe, Google Cloud, IBM Watson, Microsoft Cognitive Services, Textrazor, Scriptix, Speechmatics, Recapp, and Amberscript. 

The customer choose what AI technologies they want to use and manage this from the Mimir admin panel. 

How many subscriptions do we need for DiNA?

With DiNA you buy a number of named users in your subscription plan. This typically equals the numbers of journalists in your newsroom, at your web desk and/or in your social media department. 

What is the benefit of the integrated Mimir and DiNA workflow?

DiNA by 7Mountains and Mimir by Mjoll offers a tightly integrated solution for journalists and video editors to embrace cloud and AI technology, for creative storytelling and for true storycentric and multiplatform workflows.

With the integrated tools you equip your journalists and editors with tools for: 

  • Working from anywhere and from their favourite web browser
  • Planning, pitching and collaborating across departments
  • Find the media assets they need for their stories in a fast and efficient way
  • Automate a range of time consuming tasks using AI technology
  • Work from within one unified tool


Can we integrate DiNA to an automation system?

Yes, DiNA integrates with automation systems, graphics systems, MAM systems, and more. We work tightly with our sister company, Kunnusta, and with our resellers, that are DiNA workflow experts. 

Do we need to keep our legacy NRCS if we go for DiNA?

No. DiNA is a complete newsroom system with all the features you need for planning, creating and publishing news. It has a rundown module for creating traditional news rundowns and it integrates with automation systems, graphics systems and more for a complete news workflow. 

Do we need to move all our files to cloud storage if we use Mimir?

No. Mimir works with on-premise, hybrid and cloud storage. 

What AI technologies do Mimir integrate with?

Mimir is the most comprehensive tool in the market when it comes to integrated AI technology. Users can choose between a wide range of supported AI technologies, from Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Speechmatics, IBM Watson, Microsoft, Scripix, Recapp, and others. 

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